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Endozime XP

Multi-Tiered Enzymatic Detergent with Advanced Proteolytic Action and Rust Inhibitors

Designed for use in all Endoscope Washers, Washer Disinfectors, Ultrasonic Washers and For Manual Cleaning

ENDOZIME Xtreme Power combines the power of a super-concentrate with the performance of Ruhofs proven multi-enzyme formula to create the ultimate surgical instrument and scope cleaner. This unique combination gives ENDOZIME Xtreme Power its superior cleaning abilities to deliver fast and thorough soil contamination removal. Enhanced with APA (Advanced Proteolytic Action) that greatly increases protease enzyme activity. ENDOZIME Xtreme Power penetrates into the hardest-to-reach channels of scopes andcannulated instruments, instantly and actively breaking down gross contaminants upon contact. ENDOZIME Xtreme Power contains biological additives that speed the process of liquification and solubilization, facilitating enzymatic action and contributing to the products overall effectiveness.

Environmental and cost benefits:

  • Super-Concentrate: Dilution from 1/4 oz. per gallon (2ml/liter)Effective in all water temperatures (Including cold water)No foam formulaRemoves all soil contamination - blood, protein, fats, carbohydrates and starchesAvailable in smaller bottles - easier to carry, store and pourCompatible with all medical device materialsNeutral pH, Free rinsing and 100% BiodegradableInhibits rust
  • Less detergent usageLess plastic bottle and packaging waste100% biodegradableReduction in energy usage

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